Monday, February 22, 2010

Do the girls really provoke??

Had a heated argument with one of my friends last week about the way girls dress. According to him, we girls provoke guys by dressing revealingly and then complain about being commented or molested. But is it really true?? Do we girls wear short dresses to get some attention?? Is it not the right of a girl to wear a dress she wants to wear? And does only the girls in short skirts or hot pants are molested??
Well to get his facts right its not true. No matter what a girl has wore, she is seen with the same greedy eyes. Getting ready and stepping out of the house is really a big fight for most of the women. Because, they might be wearing salwar kameez instead of hot pants, chances are they will still be gazed with greed. A women is treated is an object of fantasy by men. They forget that a woman is also a human being like them and no trophy to be won. She also has the right to wear the clothes she likes, which can be anything. Why it’s that a man in shorts is not stared and a woman in shorts is? She is also exposing the same body part.
A woman may be in a high profile club or in a public transport, she has to face the same problem everywhere. And it is just the thinking that provokes men and not the way a girl dresses!!

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